Perception Needs to be Changed “Pakistan is a Heaven for Entrepreneurs”. Sounds strange? If your only source of information is Media, this statement would definitely sound strange and a big lie to you. But what if I tell you that it is the truth, and I have got evidences to prove that? A recent statement […]

I wanted to be an engineer or a doctor or a pilot or an artist or a soldier or a business manager or so many more, but I could not because my parents wanted me to be something else, I didn’t qualify the requisite tests, I got lesser marks, my best friend at school got […]

No matter what you are selling, you need to review your sales process on regular basis. Improving the sales process plays a vital role in the marketing of the product and in the company’s progress. Here are the few ways which help you to optimize your sales and increase your return on investment. Past performance […]

Peshawar was the next stop in Brightspyre’s S.I.P initiative journey. To help students of City University, Peshawar, we organized our signature career counseling seminar to make them understand what it’s like to step into practicality and particle life. City University, Peshawar is one of the first private sector university chartered by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. […]

The biggest problem in job is the ‘job’ itself. Your job influence your way of life in a number of ways.  If there is a conflict between you and your job then there is not just a problem, it’s a whole rabble coming your way. A conflict arises between a person and job when we […]

Among the best recruiting strategies used by the employers today, employee referral has gained the most popularity. It not only helps in low cost recruiting by minimizing the amount of resources (time, people and money) spent on advertisements, career pages and headhunting firms but also results in increased employee motivation by paying them a referral […]

Productivity is a comparative term, for some it might be 4 hours of straight work and for other’s it could be 15 min sit down. It varies from profession to profession. But one thing about it is remains the same, output. If your output in work is good means you are being productive. It’s as […]