Whether you are recently graduated or lost your job or you are thinking to switch from current one, or ready to jump ship from your current one, the chances of your getting the new job through newspapers only are very low. Don’t worry, still there are many other platforms to use. What your take on […]

Searching for a job is, perhaps, the most frustrating aspect of getting oneself employed. It often feels as if you have graduated college with a skill set no one needs or that all the employers are looking for ‘experienced’ people and it makes one wonder how anyone ever got ‘experienced’ if that is the only […]

“Working on solving big problems” is the tag-line you see when you will visit cogilent corporate site (www.cogilent.com). In the nascency of Information Technology industry, at the times of formation of cogilent solutions, back in year 2002 – we had similar dreams. Cogilent solutions has its pride in putting up one of the very early […]

It is not just in Pakistan that we are facing worsening security situation and an environmental uncertainty, look around and we find it happening all around the globe. The malicious designs of a few so called peace-keepers have thrown the world into an inferno. Serving their own vested interests and executing hidden agendas they ultimately […]

Perception Needs to be Changed “Pakistan is a Heaven for Entrepreneurs”. Sounds strange? If your only source of information is Media, this statement would definitely sound strange and a big lie to you. But what if I tell you that it is the truth, and I have got evidences to prove that? A recent statement […]