Resume: The First Step

Step 1:

The Pakistan’s job market is expanding. With the growth in economy, and incentives from the government, more and more Multinational Companies are venturing into Pakistan’s market. With the economic growth rate of 6.6 per cent this year, the chances are, there will be more entrants into our product and service industry and each new entry, will in turn provide a chance to our talented job seekers to get employed.

Every enterprise wants people who have the potential to become an asset. They look for people who can take initiative, who can take the business forward while taking calculated risks and managing multiple tasks, the individuals who have the vision and a strong grasp over issues related to companies and their busines

There are very few universities in Pakistan that provide career counseling to their students. Most of the job seekers learn the preparatory steps necessary in the job search when they actually start looking for a job after completing their education. For Pakistani youth, getting a job at the right time is considered the single biggest factor contributing to their financial and personal growth.

There are certain things that every job seeker needs to have and present appropriately to get noticed by the prospective employer.

The first step to take is to make a professional Resume.

Resume is your first introduction. A professionally made, well formatted , clear and concise resume gives you a definite edge over some of the not so well made resumes. The first look that a resume receives from the employer decides the course of direction for the employer and the job seeker.

Do not forget to mention the important dates, and try not to leave gaps between the dates. Remember the dates you provide in the resume and support them with the relevant documents.

Mention your skills, strengths and achievements, besides your qualification and experience. Let the employer know what you can contribute towards the collective organizational growth.

Your contact information must be accurate and up to date. Give the phone number and e mail address that can be used to reach you. Much of the initial correspondence now a days ,takes place through e mail. When you apply for a job, check you e mail regularly for any updates from the company you applied to.

Something important to remember; be completely honest about the information you provide in your resume. Lack of honesty is more harmful than lack of experience when you make your resume. Do not mention something in your resume that can not be supported through documents or can not be verified through people. Any discrepancy found in your resume, at the time of interview, at worse, will render the whole exercise futile.

The reward for a well made, attention grabbing resume is, a call for an interview.

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