cycle of career planning & development

Career planning & development (CP&D) is an activity of concern for both, the employer and the employee. I mostly start of straight with the topic I chose, with a supposition, that all the readers carry at least some knowledge about the topic. I do not mean to teach anyone by writing all this; it’s just […]

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Introducing BrightSpyre Nation!

HR Forum Introducing BrightSpyre Nation! BrightSpyre conducted it’s first ever HR Forum last Friday i.e. 9th May, 2014. HR personnel of all leading organizations specially INGO’s participated. Our guests speakers were: Mr. Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi from FFBL, Ms. Farwa Hussain from IRG and Mr.Aamir Fida from Actionaid! They all talked about, networking in human […]

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Headhunting Services in Pakistan

The most valuable asset of a company nowadays is the employees and choosing best employees isn’t easy. Companies use services of professional experts to hire employees when you need a more diversified skill sets of candidates. These experts are known to us as “Headhunters”.  Typical, headhunters do the matchmaking. However, with the advent of online […]

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