Solving Big Problems – Cogilent Solutions

Cogilent Soltutions

“Working on solving big problems” is the tag-line you see when you will visit cogilent corporate site ( In the nascency of Information Technology industry, at the times of formation of cogilent solutions, back in year 2002 – we had similar dreams. Cogilent solutions has its pride in putting up one of the very early […]

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Problems with Mobile Payments Adoption in Pakistan

At, we are trying to solve un-employments issues is less skilled population by providing them access to paid digital work. Till date, we have disbursed more than $30,000 to our workers. We tried to adopt mobile payments for making payments for users of – but faced following issues. Last Mile Issue One of the biggest […]

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To All the Users, Employers and Readers!

BrightSpyre is the name that does not only represents online job openings but the main purpose of the team is to be a bridge between people and opportunities. With that being said, it can clearly be seen from the efforts that we made in past 15 days only. BrightSpyre held two main events that went […]

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Introducing BrightSpyre Nation!

HR Forum Introducing BrightSpyre Nation! BrightSpyre conducted it’s first ever HR Forum last Friday i.e. 9th May, 2014. HR personnel of all leading organizations specially INGO’s participated. Our guests speakers were: Mr. Maj. Syed Naveed Kazmi from FFBL, Ms. Farwa Hussain from IRG and Mr.Aamir Fida from Actionaid! They all talked about, networking in human […]

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How CV & Resume are Two Different Documents?

Confused if your CV or resume should be detailed or concise? Well, every individual will give you information according to their knowledge or experiences, or some might even suggest it’s the same thing. But did you know that CV and resume are two different documents and should not be mixed together? Unfortunately, only a few […]

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Exploring MicroWork based digital job opportunities in Pakistan – Part 1

BrightSpyre- Jobs in Pakistan

Our mission at BrightSpyre is to connect people with opportunities. Extending our work we launched, where we provide people opportunities to work and earn extra money. There are mainly two types of work opportunities we looked into. one is the called digital tasks- where you perform tasks like information searching, classification etc etc. The […]

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