Brain Drain – An Obstacle in Development

brain drain

I always believed that, living with your family at your home country is a blessing, if you are satisfied with what you were expecting out of yourself and what you have achieved. Many people say that “we don’t want to move abroad, even if we find better opportunity”. And on the other side many of […]

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Breaking the Barriers to Female Empowerment

empowering women - painting

I have graduated with a professional degree in Media and Communication and am currently working with a British-German Company as GROW (Graduate Outreach for Women) Manager. Despite a lot of advancements that we see in the world of today, with women excelling in almost every field of work, I still find a lot of gender […]

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What Does Your Professional Picture Say about You?

A professional head shot

Ah, it really bothers me to see people’s passport pictures on their CVs and other professional networking links, whether it’s LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Passport pictures means photographs to be used on passports, or on important documents such as educational degrees, visa, national ID and licenses. These straight head and shoulder photographs with serious face […]

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Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction Graphics

Employee remains an employee irrespective of the cadre he/she falls in. Divisions are like management, non-management, staff, junior management, executives, non-executives so on and so forth. Every organization has specified different titles for their employees but the fact remains that “they are employees”. In an organization we find almost every day one odd employee is […]

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eWork Pakistan- Anyone can Earn at Home!

Background: eWork, a job opportunity that anyone can avail by just sitting at home without having any specialized skills, numerous work experience or higher educational qualification, all it needs is little know-how about computer and internet along with basic English reading – writing skills to do the tasks and earn money. But who is providing […]

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Writing an Impressive Resume

A resume is a document that makes your first impression on the employer and helps you getting an interview call. But if a resume is not catchy and does not contain all important information then hiring personnel will throw it away, because hiring managers usually have to shortlist candidates from hundreds of resumes for a […]

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How CV & Resume are Two Different Documents?

Confused if your CV or resume should be detailed or concise? Well, every individual will give you information according to their knowledge or experiences, or some might even suggest it’s the same thing. But did you know that CV and resume are two different documents and should not be mixed together? Unfortunately, only a few […]

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Survey findings of compensation and benefits in FMCG industry of Pakistan

Better compensation and rewards system attracts and retain better talent in any industry. did a salary and compensation survey by involving university students (Business discipline) of Muhammad Ali Jinnah University and Arid Agriculture University (in BrightSpyre’s summer intern-ship program). The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry in Pakistan primarily deals with the production, distribution […]

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