Brain Drain – An Obstacle in Development

brain drain

I always believed that, living with your family at your home country is a blessing, if you are satisfied with what you were expecting out of yourself and what you have achieved. Many people say that “we don’t want to move abroad, even if we find better opportunity”. And on the other side many of […]

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New Research: Messy Desk is a Sign of Intelligence and Creativity.

albert einstein quote

Messy desk, messy cubicle, messy desktop or messy workstation. Do any of these terms apply to you? Or you might also be the one who always has multiple tabs opened in his/her browser while working, because it’s easier for you to stay focused and alert – keeping an eye on multiple stuff. Well, yes, time […]

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What Does Your Professional Picture Say about You?

A professional head shot

Ah, it really bothers me to see people’s passport pictures on their CVs and other professional networking links, whether it’s LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Passport pictures means photographs to be used on passports, or on important documents such as educational degrees, visa, national ID and licenses. These straight head and shoulder photographs with serious face […]

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“New Year, New Start” in 3 Easy Steps

New year - new start - fresh start

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”   Arthur Ashe Let’s take an example of a brand new car and a used car – A new car is smooth, cozy and gives better mileage, whereas a car that is used 5 to 7 years is weak and perform poorly, but […]

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Interpersonal Communication Skills – A Way to Success!

Inter-personal communication skills

You must have read most job descriptions saying “Candidate should have strong inter-personal communication skills” but majority of us don’t understand its actual meaning and importance for an organization. Today, I will try to elaborate its meaning and ways to get better at inter-personal communication skills. Mostly employers/organizations select candidates who have good interpersonal communication […]

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BrightSpyre particpating in Skills Training for Special Youth

BrightSpyre participated in an Awareness Raising Fair on Skills Training for Special Youth was held on Saturday April 24, 2010 at Umeed-e-Noor (a program of Hashoo Foundation), as center for people with special needs. This project aims to train 172 men and women between the ages of 14 – 29 in skills such as pottery […]

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STEP Job Board – A Step Forward for Persons with Disabilities Did you know that there are over 16 million persons with disabilities in Pakistan? And did you know that majority of these people are unemployed and do not have a job? Did you know that Government of Pakistan requires, by law, every enterprise to hire 2% of the workforce from persons with disabilities. Did […]

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BrightSpyre launches ” First ever Disabled Job Board”

BrightSpyre, together with STEP (Special Talent Exchange Program) ,a cross-disability organization, has taken an initiative to launch Pakistan’s first ever disability job board. This board is specially designed for disabled persons in order to facilitate and provide them equal job opportunities. This is a unique job board that has been created for the disabled community […]

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