Career Counselling Seminar at City University Peshawar

Peshawar – Career Counselling Seminar at City University

City University Peshawar

City University Peshawar

Peshawar was the next stop in Brightspyre’s S.I.P initiative journey. To help students of City University, Peshawar, we organized our signature career counseling seminar to make them understand what it’s like to step into practicality and particle life.

Students of City University Peshawar During The Seminar By BrightSpyre

Students of City University Peshawar During The Seminar By BrightSpyre

City University, Peshawar is one of the first private sector university chartered by Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. At beautifully constructed campus, surrounded by highly energetic students and teachers, we began our career counselling seminar with the same question,”What is practicality?”. Answers were as per expectations, most of the students at basic level were aware of what practical life is and were in fact, seemed to be ready for it. But, analytically knowing what practicality is of no help for stepping into it. Specifically, without having important weapons like strong CV, interview skills and personal interest identification, to win the open vacancy in jobs market – this is where BrightSpyre comes into play. The motive of BrightSpyre behind SIP is to help the students who are just about to land into their practical lives. With the help of relevant trainings we help students navigate their college and career pathways. As always, we tried our level best to equip them all with the best of skills necessary for practical life. Students were extremely interactive throughout the session and gave wonderful feedback to the team of BrightSpyre.

You can find event pictures HERE.

Here are some scanned feedback that we received at the spot, after this session:

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

Feedback from student of City University Peshawar.

We are looking forward to help more students in this aspect.

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SZABIST – Career Counselling Session by BrightSpyre

Syed Naveed Kazmi addressing students

Syed Naveed Kazmi addressing students

BrightSpyre’s team had the privilege to conduct S.I.P (Stepping into the Practicality) – a career counselling session on 27th of May, 2015 in SZABIST Islamabad. Students belonged to BSCS department only as it was organized by their coordinator Mr.Zubair Ahmed. It was our second seminar at an educational sector, previous seminar was conducted at APCOMS in the month of June, 2015.

Experience of this very session was quite different and most interesting with students of SZABIST. They showed enthusiasm and energetic participation throughout the session and took great interest in understanding the difference between practical and student life.

SZABIST Students Participating

SZABIST Students Participating in the session

The feedback at the end of the seminar was collected and it was very positive and constructive, students also showed willingness to participate in our upcoming seminars and workshops.

SZABIST Students during activity

SZABIST Students during activity

SZABIST Students during activity

SZABIST Students during activity

We, at BrightSpyre, believe that such activities should be held on regular basis, as they help students and faculty to understand the gap between educational sector and jobs market. Level of competition and market trends keep on evolving rapidly and that is why sessions from expert HR professionals and career counselors are required and much needed to stay updates on lasted happenings are requirements of companies, whether it is any NGO, Government sector or private sector.

We also believe that educational institutes should take keen interest in bridging this gap, and provide their students chances to meet field experts face to face and clear out ambiguities about practical life, as otherwise it is not possible for every student to meet real professionals and experts. So such sessions allow them to avail different opportunities available in the market.

We are looking forward to hold more seminars in educational sector.

Enjoy our SZABIST pictures here.

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Career Counselling Seminar at NUST Rwp

Career Counselling Seminar at NUST by BrightSpyre

So BrightSpyre has been guiding students and providing free individual career counselling around Pakistan but this was the first formal career counselling seminar at NUST EME College, Rawalpindi.


The seminar was held on 17th of April, 2015, at the auditorium of EME College, Rawalpindi. Students of final year showed enthusiasm, discipline and interest in getting properly guided by our HR professionals.

Mr. Syed Naveed Kazmi, Director HCM of Cogilent Solutions, was the guest speaker there, having extensive knowledge in HR and retired Army Major, he had been sharing his experiences and knowledge with everyone around Pakistan and even abroad.

Mr.Syed Naveed Kazmi, while seminar

Mr.Syed Naveed Kazmi, while seminar

S.I.P – Stepping Into Practicality was the title and the main purpose of this seminar was to bridge the knowledge and information gap in the minds of the students and give them a clear picture of what lies ahead. As, trends in job market keep on changing rapidly and it becomes hard for students to compete in such a tough sector where almost everyone is number 1, besides, many teachers are unaware of latest happenings and latest demands of this professional sector. So BrightSpyre took the initiative to introduce professional market to upcoming fresh graduates of NUST and many other universities.

Inside the auditorium while seminar

Inside the auditorium while seminar

The seminar lasted for almost an hour and it concluded following topics:

Finding the passion and how to pursue career in it

How to stay updated on latest job’s market trends

Importance of internships

What are Management Trainee Programs

How to make an impactful CV that stands out

And finally, hidden secrets behind appearing and passing an interview.

Complete pictures gallery of BrightSpyre’s Career Counselling Seminar could be find on our Flickr account. Click here.

BrightSpyre is looking forward to conduct more seminars in different universities and guide as many students as possible as, we connect people with opportunities.

Compatible Career Guidance to Students

Ruthlessly, everyone knows and accept the crucial fact that students have been misguided and mislead in Pakistan. Every year thousands of graduates pass out of their colleges or universities but they have little or absolutely no idea what career are they interested in and how to enter that field.

Students are very important asset of any nation and that is the reason why our great leader Mr. Mohammad Ali Jinnah always addressed students and tried to make them realize their worth and how can they invest their energy in order to make better and brighter Pakistan. As he said in one of his addresses to students, “My young friends, I look forward to you as the real makers of Pakistan, do not be exploited and do not be misled. Create amongst yourselves complete unity and solidarity. Set an example of what youth can do. Your main occupation should be in fairness to yourself, to your parents, in fairness to the State, to devote your attention to your studies. If you fritter away your energies now, you will always regret”

In his Presidential address at the conference of the Punjab Muslim Students Federation, March 2, 1941, he said, “When you have got that light of knowledge by means of education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially, then you have got to prepare yourselves for your defence — defence against external aggression and to maintain internal security”.

In my humble observation, I have found these two major factors that lead to this misguidance in Pakistan; role of parents/family and role of educational system.

Parents Role in Guidance:

Psychology says that every individual shows sign of interest right from their childhood – when a kid develops his/her sense of reasoning. It also suggests that it is parents’ duty to observe kid’s activities and then provide them right exposure and tools to help them develop the skill according to that interest. For example, if a child likes to open up his toys instead of playing with them then we can say that he has mindset of an engineer, similarly, if a child likes to play with colors or draws cartoon, shapes or figures than he has the ability of an artist. So, skill and interest development starts from very early ages, those students always do well who have been guided properly by their parents.

How to overcome this problem: Parents should first take the time out to observe and identify their child’s interest and then, provide guidance, opportunities and exposures to the child, accordingly.

Role of Educational System in Career Guidance:

Students at schools, colleges and universities receive no or very little career counselling from their teachers or institute’s management. This is one of the reasons for unrest amongst the youth in Pakistan because students graduate and gets into the market without having an iota of knowledge about the market trends and appropriate set of skills, which can help them in gaining and maintaining a job in their future.

The major problem with our Educational System is, that it does not have much of the compatibility with ground realities. Students gain theoretical knowledge just to fetch good grades and they are rarely made to do an exercise to co-relate the theory with the practical aspects keeping in view the ground facts. Students are least prepared to get through the practical tests and peruse their dreams. Another major issue is: lack of teachers’ knowledge about professional career market – they stay out of touch from leading trends and thus, cannot provide proper guidance and assistance in mentoring their students.

How to overcome this problem: This issue can only be resolved if parents, teachers and the students are on the same page, very unfortunate that students are on the page of Facebook, teachers on linked in and parents are tweeting.  This is not a process which can be completed overnight, on a serious note we all at every ladder need to address this issue so as to empower our students over the hard ground facts and enable them to survive. Educational institutes and Employer Organizations should collaborate on regular basis, by offering bulk apprenticeship opportunities, in order to promote professional career development and counselling of students. Strong relationship between educational sector and jobs market is very significant.

We at BrightSpyre, aim to provide free of cost consultation to students – they can call us and book their appointment with HR professionals who will guide them regarding career selection and career start. We also provide free assistance of developing professional CV and resume, which helps you in getting shortlisted in different organizations.

Not only this, BrightSpyre also conducts workshops, seminars, and training sessions in different institutes to provide information, knowledge and guidance.

You all are welcome to put us right thru your valued comments in this regard.

GPA, Grades

CGPA and Institution Matters – A Myth or Reality?

“Grades and institution will not matter once I complete my degree and get a job”, this is the most common phrase we usually come across while communicating with students regarding their career start-ups.

Besides, it is also a myth that having very good grades and association of well-reputed institute with one’s name will get you a perfect job. No, they will not be of any help if you are unable to prove your skills and working knowledge in a job interview.

There are two basic reasons for this myth among students:

First, they are misguided by their inspirators or people with dominance (anyone whose opinion has significance in their lives), for example elder siblings, cousins, friends etc.  who does not carry any practical knowledge of how HR professionals follow a given criteria to shortlist candidates for different positions.

Second, students, to some extent, pacify themselves on having low CGPAs by saying so and carry a hope that, it will work.

“I think, teachers play an important role in guiding such stuff at institutions. They are always focusing upon theoretical work and does not guide students about practical life – such misguidance leads to these myths”, said Palwasha, HR Executive at BrightSpyre.

Reality of Practical Life:

Grades do matter! And so are institutions. The sooner students understand this fact, the better start-up job they will get and their promotion chances gets better too.

I have observed and experienced the different level of knowledge, personality grooming and skills development among students belonging to different institutes. Well-reputed institutes or low esteemed institutions, they simply provide the guidelines and do not give the students any soluble solvent to drink. I saw students of very reputed institutes being rejected and students from very low repute being selected for the same position. It’s always the student as to how (s) he follow the guidelines and achieve competence. Almost every employer wants to hire employees from high ranked universities and colleges with good CGPAs  to have better output, energies and resources. This is another great way for employers to maintain their standards in professional market.

On the other hand, grades and GPAs are a virtual proof of your knowledge, intelligence and intellectualism, from your institutions. Result cards from reputed universities are basically a proof that one can handle number of responsibilities and is able to complete all the task in a given timeline – because this is what professional studies of universities teaches us. Besides, good grades always portray the image of seriousness towards life.

Better CGPAs will at least help you in getting shortlisted and receiving an interview call. But, I will repeat again that good grades and high-ranked institute will be helpless if you lack professional work’s knowledge and certain skill set that organizations look for. Primarily, one should be able to convey that he/she can convert theoretical learning into practical work.

It’s a competitive world – and unemployment rate has given employers a leverage of selecting best of the best candidates for their organizations, and it leaves very less margin for mistakes and carelessness.

In the end, I would like to say that at some level you might get appointed by some organization but they will be hiring you due to retention. You will be getting below average salary. So, three things should be kept in accordance to have an ideal job: grades, work knowledge, skill sets.